Calico Bags

LL505S Long Single Handle Calico Tote Bag 300x300 Calico Bags

Calico Bags

B294 Nonwoven Tote Bag1 150x150 Calico Bags 

Calico Bag

B233W Double Handle Long Carry or Shoulder Canvas Bag1 150x150 Calico Bags 

Calico Bags

B22200 Short Handle Calico Bag1 150x150 Calico Bags 

Calico Bags Australia

LL503S Supa Shopper Short Two Handle Calico Bag1 150x150 Calico Bags 

Calico Bags Wholesale

B220 Foldaway Shopping Calico Bag1 150x150 Calico Bags 

Calico Shopping Bags

B238 Drawstring Calico Bag1 150x150 Calico Bags 

Promotional Calico Bags

Long Handle, Short Handle, Drawstring is selling promotional Calico Bags, Calico Bag, Calico Bags Australia, Calico Bags Wholesale, Calico Shopping Bags, Promotional Calico Bags,  across Australia. Our calico bags ranges from – calico shopping bags, calico drawstring bags, calico tote bags and more. These bags are mostly used for conventions, trade shows, fairs and sample bags. Ideal for environmental projects as calico (cotton) is a renewable resource and bags are continually re-used which makes them a Hugely Popular and Versatile product. Perfect for any occasion! Our products can also be fully customized, place logos, or place corporate branding to create a standardized and professional Calico Bags. If you need to place large or small orders, we guarantee your satisfaction. Be sure to contact us today and we will discuss what you need.

Printed in Colours of your choice…

Calico Bags are commonly made from inexpensive cotton fabrics. They are often with a small, allover pattern, often floral.  They are also featured with handles and compartments for shopping or everyday use. Calico Bag can be fully customized with exceptional designs, patterns, and colours, to create decent varieties. Materials used are inexpensive, good quality and renewable. That’s why they are perfect for all occasion. Make sure to browse our promotional products and look for the perfect Calico Bags.


Calico Bags